Future Service

You deserve that peace of mind after losing your loved one. The Family Indemnity Plan assures you of that

peace of mind.  With monthly premiums of as low as twenty-four dollars ($24.00) you receive coverage of

as much as $5,000.00. The premium covers as many as six persons.  There is a Plan A, a Plan B,  a Plan C

and a Plan D, with Plan D giving as much coverage as $15,000.00 for funeral costs with monthly premiums

of only $72.00 for as many as six persons.

September 20, 2017

The Credit Union is an excellent place to get a jump start.  I bought my first car through the Credit Union. I had my son open the CU-CLUBBS savings account to also give him that jump start I received and I intend to put my little daughter on the same track. My future generation will be also a part of the Credit Union as we are now expecting another child.  I believe in the Credit Union because it works for me and will work for you.