Future Service

Yes, eat your cake and have it with a Golden Harvest. Save the painless way with the Golden Harvest
and earn excellent returns on your savings, as much as 3% per annum! Your Golden Harvest savings
is insured up to $50,000.00. With monthly savings of only $75.00 you can save up to $5,000.00 in five
(5) years. Save for your or for your child’s college education, save to buy that dream house or that yacht.

The Credit Union is an excellent place to get a jump start.  I bought my first car through the Credit Union. I had my son open the CU-CLUBBS savings account to also give him that jump start I received and I intend to put my little daughter on the same track. My future generation will be also a part of the Credit Union as we are now expecting another child.  I believe in the Credit Union because it works for me and will work for you.

Antoine Minors September 20, 2017